At Tashner Vision Clinic, we have a full-service optical shop that can provide you with the perfect eyewear to fit your lifestyle! We have friendly and knowledgeable opticians who would be happy to assist you in selecting the best eyewear for you.


Our optical boasts a selection of over 500 prescription frames and sun wear! Frame selection can be a very daunting task to those who are not familiar with the optical field. Our trained technicians love helping with frame selection and can determine what shape, size, and color will look best on you. We also guarantee your satisfaction with your new frames! If you are unhappy with your frames for any reason, we will exchange it one time within 60 days. We want you to be thrilled with your new frames!

From designer to budget-friendly frames, our selection is sure to fit any lifestyle and budget. Choose from our wide selection of frames from.

Collage of Logos of the Frames We Carry: OWP, OGI, Classique, Clarity, Silver Dollar/SD Eyes, Europa, Marchon, Marcolin, Match, SafiolLens Types, Lens Coatings & Multi Pairs

As a patient, it can be confusing hearing about the different lenses that might be right for you. At Tashner Vision Clinic, Dr. Tashner will make a recommendation for you based off of your needs and what he finds during your comprehensive eye exam.

What is important to note is that single vision lenses have one prescription throughout the entire lens. Single vision lenses are prescribed for one purpose and aren’t always common. Most people require different prescriptions depending on their lifestyle and vision needs!

Lens Types

Digital Single Vision: Provide unmatched depth and clarity with wider fields of view, containing a single prescription over the whole lens area. Digital Progressive: Provide unmatched depth and clarity with wider fields of view, allowing a seamless focus from distance to near without having visible lines.

Bi/Trifocals: Have two or three corrective powers in the lens separated by lines.

High Index: Thinner, lighter and flatter lens options which increases optical clarity while making the lenses more cosmetically appealing.
Impact Resistant: Provide excellent durability and protection for rimless eyewear and for those needing extra protection

Lens Coatings

Premium Anti-Glare: Reduces annoying reflections off of your lenses. It allows more light to pass through to create clearer, sharper vision while providing superior scratch resistance.

Transitions: Provide convenient protection from the sun. Adjusts according to the amount of ultraviolet exposure, to darken when outdoors and clear when indoors. Also, provides 100% ultraviolet protection, which protects your eyes against harmful sun exposure. Not available in a version that will darken behind a windshield.

Additional Pairs

Computer/Workspace: Increase comfort and decrease eye strain caused by extensive near work or computer vision syndrome.
Polarized Sunglasses: Eliminate glare reflections from shiny surfaces that can cause squinting, blind spots and eye strain. Also offered with 100% UV Protection.

Our Guarantee and Warranties

We guarantee the quality of all of our products and will repair or replace defective merchandise that is returned to us under the specifications of the warranty coverage.

All of our regular priced frames are guaranteed under a one or two year manufacturer’s warranty for defects. Lens warranties vary depending on the material and properties added on to the lens. Each patient is provided with a written document containing the specifics of their coverage upon receiving merchandise. Please let us know if you have any issues with the quality of our products so that we may address the issue immediately.

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