Age-Related Eye Care

Family picking out glassesFrom infants to seniors, Dr. Tashner has treated many patients of all ages! At Tashner Vision Clinic, we know that age takes a toll on your vision and strive to provide the best care possible with your age in mind.


Infants are not born with perfect vision. Vision develops as infants grow! If your child’s vision does not develop as it should, it can cause developmental and behavioral issues! Infants should get their eyes checked at six months. Call Tashner Vision Clinic today to set up your infant exam!


If no problems were detected at your child’s infant exam, Dr. Tashner recommends an exam before entering kindergarten and every year throughout a child’s school years. Regular eye exams with Dr. Tashner will increase the change of catching vision problems early.

Make sure you are monitoring early warning signs you might be getting from your children about their vision. If they are struggling with reading, reading the same line twice or mentioning that they can’t see the board in class, stop into to Tashner Vision Clinic and have their eyes checked! The earlier a vision problem is caught, the easier it is to treat and manage.


Teens should be getting their eyes checked every year. Once a child becomes a teen, it might be time to start thinking about contact lenses! Contact lenses are a great option for teens, especially if they have been struggling to remember to wear their glasses or bring their glasses places! Contact lenses are an easy fix, just remind them to take them out before bed and change them regularly!

Young Adults & Adults

Adults should be getting eye exams annually as well, especially those adults wearing contact lenses. Contact lens exams are important to have annually to ensure that your prescription is working and that your lenses are still fitting correctly. Those young adults & adults who don’t wear contact lenses should still come in for an annual eye exam, even if they have perfect vision. Vision problems can occur at any age and can even occur during pregnancy! To be sure that your eye health is maintained and to check for any eye disease, schedule an annual eye exam with Dr. Tashner!


Dr. Tashner recommends seniors, especially those with diabetic eye care needs and other eye disease management needs, come in once to three times a year. This frequency of visits ensures that Dr. Tashner can manage and monitor your eye health closely and make recommendations based on what he is seeing! Schedule your appointment with Dr. Tashner today!

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