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Throughout adulthood, your eyes will undergo many changes, some of these changes may affect your vision immediately, and some may not. However, early detection of any eye conditions will help determine what actions to take to prevent or slow vision loss.

Presbyopia is a progressive condition that makes reading and doing up close work increasingly difficult as your eyes age. Although most common for people in their 40’s and 50’s, younger adults may find their vision changing quicker. Presbyopia affects almost everyone by age 55. Glasses and contacts are available to correct this condition and make everyday functions much easier.

Daily tasks, such as reading the newspaper, watching television, computer use, night driving, paperwork, and outdoor activities can cause eye strain. By having your eye health examined on a regular basis, we can help you maintain the best vision possible and optimum eye health.

Your family genetics can also pre-determine what age-related and health-related diseases for which you may be at risk. Regular eye health check-ups will enable us to determine when to begin treatment to slow the progression of degenerative diseases, when you are in need of lenses to correct presbyopia, and if there may be any eye conditions to be monitored on a more frequent basis.

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